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Get Ready to Die

The inevitability of our own demise is certain. Benjamin Franklin had that famous quote about it, and since Jack LaLane died, I'm truly convinced. (I really thought old Jack might escape this fate. But even he succumbed.)

Have a living will. That's easy enough. Go on line and down load The Five Wishes. It is a fairly comprehensive, yet thoughtful and sensitive few pages. The tougher part is the converrsation that should be had around it. Those whom we name as health care proxy, the ones who make health decisions for us when we are incapacitated, should know what they might be in for. If you want absolutely everything done or you want no extraordinary measures, make sure the proxy understands. It doesn't usually come in to play, frankly, but leaving loved ones guessing/fighting about who should be making decisions and what we would really want is cruel and unnecessary. It's stressful enough, and sometimes bitterly contentious. Making our wishes really clear can be a huge help.

I suggest going over the living will together, so the conversation fleshes out the words on the page. Intention matters. And everyone should be an organ donor!!!!

While we're at it, let's make sure everyone concerned knows what we'd like to have happen after the eventuality of death comes to pass. Cremation? Big fancy casket? Viking funeral? Or even donating our bodies to the local medical school. These arrangements can be made and paid for at local funeral homes ahead of time, by us, with our money, at our leisure. The prepayment can save the family a lot of heart ache in thier time of grief, not to mention money. The arrangements can be transferable, so that if we croak away from home, it is still paid for.

Anyone who has had to go through making diffcult choices about someone else's health, or had to make funeral arrangements on the worst day of our lives will understand these recommendations immediately. It's not difficult for us here and now, in the flower of good health, to give a little attention to these matters. But like all flowers, good health is impermanent. Please let's make the lives of our loved ones smoother.




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